Upgrade notes for SimpleSAMLphp 1.15

The minimum required PHP version is now 5.4. The dependency on mcrypt has been dropped.

A new templating system based on Twig has been introduced. The old templating system is still available but should be considered deprecated. Custom themes may need to be updated to include Twig-style templates as well. See the theming documentation .

A new internationalization system based on Gettext has been introduced. While old templates can use either the old or the new system (refer to the "language.i18n.backend" configuration option for more information on how to choose the internationalization backend), new Twig templates can only use the new Gettext internationalization system.

The integrated Auth Memcookie support is now deprecated and will no longer be available starting in SimpleSAMLphp 2.0. Please use the new memcookie module instead.

The option to specify a SAML certificate by its fingerprint, certFingerprint has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please use the full certificate in certData instead.

The core:AttributeRealm authproc filter has been deprecated. Please use core:ScopeFromAttribute , which is a generalised version of this.

simpleSAMLphp will now send the eduPersonTargetedID attribute in the correct NameID XML form, instead of the incorrect simple string. It will also refuse to parse an assertion with an eduPersonTargetedID in 'string' format.