Installing SimpleSAMLphp from the repository

These are some notes about running SimpleSAMLphp from the repository.


Review the prerequisites from the main installation guide.

Installing from git

Go to the directory where you want to install SimpleSAMLphp:

cd /var

The master branch is not stable and targets the next major release. Pick a tag to use.

Then do a git clone:

git clone --branch <tag_name> simplesamlphp

Initialize configuration and metadata:

cd /var/simplesamlphp
cp config/config.php.dist config/config.php
cp config/authsources.php.dist config/authsources.php
cp metadata/saml20-idp-hosted.php.dist metadata/saml20-idp-hosted.php
cp metadata/saml20-idp-remote.php.dist metadata/saml20-idp-remote.php
cp metadata/saml20-sp-remote.php.dist metadata/saml20-sp-remote.php

Install the external dependencies with Composer (you can refer to to get detailed instructions on how to install Composer itself):

php composer.phar install

When installing on Windows, use:

php composer.phar install --ignore-platform-req=ext-posix


Go to the root directory of your SimpleSAMLphp installation:

cd /var/simplesamlphp

Ask git to update to the latest version:

git fetch origin
git pull origin master

Install or upgrade the external dependencies with Composer:

php composer.phar install