The SimpleSAMLphp project benefits from a global community of software developers who contribute to it. The project receives financial support from higher education, research and corporate entities. The legal, administrative home of SimpleSAMLphp is The Commons Conservancy foundation based in The Netherlands, where it is established as a programme.

The project, however, needs more contributors in order to survive, and we therefore kindly ask you to consider supporting it. For many, this software comprises a vital piece of AAI infrastructure that merits proper maintenance, care and attention. Sustaining SimpleSAMLphp will help you to continue to use this software in a secure and trusted way, and would help getting new features and capabilities in the future that could benefit your organisation. While the project has an important need for financial contributions, we of course also very much welcome structural, in-kind ones, that could help sustain it.

If you have any suggestions or have the ability to contribute either financially or with your work, please do not hesitate to contact Jan Meijer at Any help is welcome, and it can be as simple as translating SimpleSAMLphp into your language!

Contributing code

If you want to contribute code SimpleSAMLphp, be it a simple bugfix, small improvement or larger new feature, this is very welcome! Please read our contribution guidelines for how to best go about reporting a bug or creating pull requests.

Which branch to use

The “master” branch contains the current breaking development. This is where new features are developed that will be in a major release in the future. The maintenance of the supported versions happens in the “simplesamlphp-2.x” branches.

If you want to contribute new functionality, please target “master”.

If you want to fix a bug in an existing feature or functionality, please target the simplesamlphp-2.1 (latest release) branch. If accepted, the team will take care of backporting it to older supported branches and if necessary applying it in master.

If your bug only concerns an older supported release (e.g. 2.0 but not 2.1), you can target the older branch directly.

In order to improve the content of the documentation, you commit using the same branches used for code contributions at You can address the same branches as for code changes.

The documentation under<VERSION>/ is updated automatically from the corresponding simplesamlphp-<VERSION> branch, where stable is an alias for the latest released version and devel for the “master” branch.


We would like to thank the organisations that have contributed financially to the survival of the project:

The project wouldn’t be possible either without the in-kind contributions of the many developers who have worked on it:

We’ve had many contributors through the years. Here are some of them that we would like to thank particularly for the importance of their past work:

Many others have helped make this project possible. Take a look at the list of contributors for a more comprehensive list of people who have contributed to it one way or another. Thanks a lot to all of you!


The project also established in the recent years a Board of Directors that works on taking care of all the administrative stuff around it, trying to guarantee its continuity. The Board is currently comprised of: