SimpleSAMLphp mailing lists

We have number of mailing lists for SimpleSAMLphp. If you want to post questions, and discuss SimpleSAMLphp, then join the User’s list. This is a high volume list, with several messages each day. If you do only want to catch the important announcements, such as security issues and new releases, then join the announcement list. All messages sent to the announcement list will also be sent to the user’s list.

User’s list

This mailing list is for users of SimpleSAMLphp. If you have general questions about SimpleSAMLphp, have feature requests, or want do discuss something about simpleSAMLphp, please join the list.

Also see the support page for other ways to get support.

Announcements list

This list is for announcements regarding SimpleSAMLphp from the project team. New releases and security issues will be sent to this list. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the RSS feed of the news on this website.

Developers list

This list is for people developing or extending SimpleSAMLphp. If you want to comment anything about the code or want to contribute, this is your list.