Commercial Support

Some companies offer commercial support for SimpleSAMLphp, and we added this page to help you get in contact with them, in case you for some reason need commercial support.

If you buy commercial support for SimpleSAMLphp, and invent some addon or new functionality, you are encouraged to share those new bits with the rest of the SimpleSAMLphp community.

We give no guarantees about the quality of the support given by any of these companies, we simply just list them here for your convenience. If you have good or bad experience with any of these comanies, please tell us about it.

9star Inc

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Our team of dependable SimpleSAMLphp experts and experienced professionals can easily take the pain and suffering out of any SimpleSAML based federated access management project. We have years of experience working with the SimpleSAML middleware, executing large and small projects in commercial, academic, healthcare and government markets worldwide.

9STAR INC is creating a strategic business roadmap by delivering Cloud based secure e-Credential management single sign-on (SSO) solutions to Enterprise customers worldwide.

Our enterprise customers deploy public/private cloud based e-credential SSO management solutions for implementing secure single sign-on access to network resources. The company is focused on delivering secure, easy to use, e-Credential sso management solutions for enabling interoperability and collaboration among partner institutions. The ability of an enterprise to collaborate seamlessly and securely with it’s trusted Partners is the key to profitable growth for all stakeholders in the marketplace.

Customers use our e-Credential SSO management solutions to implement open standards based single sign-on access to all of their sites as well as partner sites. We continue to deliver our secure SSO solutions to educational, healthcare, energy, financial, hospitality, government and commercial customers worldwide.


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Buckhill was born of a desire to help organisations communicate with their existing and potential customers more efficiently and effectively. We do this through innovative thinking and problem solving software solutions.

We have been working with PHP for over a decade and have extensive experience in the Enterprise. We provide turnkey SimpleSAMLPHP customisation, deployment and support services

Catalyst IT Ltd

Catalyst IT are an Open Source services company based in New Zealand, and we have been engaged by the Ministry of Education here to help design and implement an IAM scheme for compulsory sector education (K12). Everything we have done has been based on SimpleSAMLphp, and we continue to push it as a solution to any other customers that we come in contact with looking for similar capabilities.

Cirrus Identity

Cirrus Identity is a team of experts in identity management for enterprise; we build cool, cloud-hosted identity management solutions that can easily complement and/or replace components of locally managed identity systems. Our most popular product, the Cirrus Gateway Service, enables organizations to quickly and easily leverage the use of social identities (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) for login access to virtual research groups, learning management systems, alumni communities, ERP systems, and more. We also offer an identity provider proxy service for those vendor apps that talk to only one SAML IdP endpoint, and we can provide a hosted SAML Identity Provider if you’d rather not run one yourself.

DAASI International

DAASI International is an expert in the field of Identity and Access Management with open source products, especially for large federations like universities, authorities or corporations. We are pleased to consult you on the best Identity and Access Managment solution for your wants and needs. Besides a variety of open source tools, we also offer our own IAM products. For SimpleSAMLphp we offer the following services:

Domingo Muñoz - [t]2v

IDM Engineering

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We’ve been providing identity management solutions for both enterprise and higher-education clients since 2007. Originally started as IDM Integration, in August of 2019 the IDM Integration partners mutually agreed to go their separate ways, with the bulk of IDMI’s engineers continuing their SSO work at IDM Engineering. Our focus is on providing robust, scalable, and secure Identity Management solutions based upon the Secure Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and other technologies.



miniOrange provides Identity and Access Management services quickly and in a very cost-effective manner. We provide support for SimpleSAMLphp as a Service Provider (SP) implementation and SimpleSAMLphp as Identity Provider (IdP) implementation (Identity Brokering/CASB) for SSO into various SAML and non-SAML cloud and In-house/Custom applications.

We also provide IAM services for Google Apps, Salesforce, Office 365, Dropbox, Amazon AWS, Joomla (3000+ apps). With over 5 years of experience in integration with SimpleSAMLphp products, miniOrange is trusted by known brands all over the world.


M7 from The Netherlands provides SimpleSAMLphp consultancy service, amongst other IDM and IT consultancy offerings.

Nyrup IT

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Benjamin Nyrup

Højlundshusene 40, DK-3500 Værløse, Danmark

T: +45 46 94 92 92


PRiSE has got an expert team on digital identity who has worked in middleware and digital identity international projects.

Read more about PRiSE Digital Identity Services

Sixto Martín

Since 2008, Sixto Martín has been involved in projects related to the SAML protocol. He contributed to SimpleSAMLphp adding new modules, contributing to related projects like Janus and implementing SAML plugins based on SimpleSAMLphp for open source software like Moodle, SugarCRM, Magento, Wordpress, LimeSurvey.

He is the author of the SAML Online tools, an online website where you can manipulate any kind of SAML message. He is an IdM freelance that works closely with big IdM vendors like OneLogin, where he implemented open source SAML toolkits for PHP, python, ruby and java. You can contact him at:


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SSO Easy is based on a single, simple premise:

SAML-based SSO products should be simple, implemented quickly, and cost effective

Our SAML leadership comes from both our SAML product leadership, and from our people, who are among the world’s SAML technical leaders.

With over 20 years of technical leadership experience - and over 5 years of experience in implementing SAML products, SSO Easy team members have implemented several hundred SAML related SSO projects. SSO Easy technical specialists have implemented many of the world’s largest, most complex SAML implementations. We also have extensive experience from implementing countless SAML implementations for SaaS companies, and for smaller organizations in the Small-Mid-Size-Business market.